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The trusted enabler of business and consumer transactions in Indonesia.

Support responsible lending and reduce credit losses

Increase access to credit

Strengthen banking supervision in monitoring systemic risks

About PT CRIF Lembaga Informasi Keuangan (PT CLIK)

Our credit bureau services are provided by PT CRIF Lembaga Informasi Keuangan (PT CLIK).

PT CLIK is an affiliate of CRIF, and joint venture company with other leading technology and service providers in the Indonesian financial industry.

PT CRIF Lembaga Informasi Keuangan (PT CLIK) is licensed by the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK) to operate a credit bureau.

Delivering Superior Credit Information and Credit Reporting Tools

The credit bureau operated by PT CLIK aims to provide information on individuals and SMEs to more effectively help balance the supply and demand of financial and non-financial services.

We enable companies across a wide spectrum of industries including banks, financial institutions, government agencies, and local enterprises to make better credit and lending decisions daily. 

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